Regular Adult Weekly Class


WHEN: Every Friday 6.30-8.30pm

WHERE: The Place London Euston 17 Duke's Rd, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9PY

WHATLEVEL 1 Beginners & Improvers: 6.30-7.30pm (1h)

The class starts with a yoga-based warm up to prepare the body, focus the mind and connect with one's self. This is followed by style-specific exercises to build technique and the study of the basic steps used in the Odissi vocabulary (Cauka, Tribhanga, Abhanga and Sama). We will then learn short combinations of movements (Khandi, Arasas) and move to the study of other elements of technique such as walks (Chari), jumps (Utplavana) turns (Bhramari), foot positions (Padabeda) or hand gestures (Hasta Mudras).

LEVEL 2 Improvers: 6.30-.8.30pm (2h)

This class includes attendance to Level 1 technique class. The second hour is focused on the study of traditional repertoire and it is suitable to those who have already a basic grasp of Odissi technique. The class also includes creative exercises and the study of short original compositions.


FEE: Level 1: Half Term (5 sessions) £55; Full Term (10 sessions) £100

Level 2: Half Term (5 sessions) £110; Full Term (10 sessions) £190

(Fee for Level 2 includes attendance to Level 1)

Drop in: One off attendance is not encouraged, but allowed when the student is unable to commit to regular training due to personal circumstances and where the student is already acquainted with the basic technique or repertoire items.

£12 per hour

For payment options please drop an email:



Lasya: 5-week Odissi Course

WHEN: Wednesdays (21-28 February - 7-14-21 March 2018, 7-8pm)

WHERE: Saint Cecilia`s Church of England School Sutherland Grove, London, SW18 5JR (Southfields Station -District Line)

WHAT: This course is a gentle introduction to the beauty and complexity of Odissi, a dance from Eastern India. We will focus on developing Lasya (gracefulness) and a deep understanding of Tribhanga and Abhanga (the two more feminine odissi stances). 

You will learn:
- posture and allignment in the basic Odissi stances
- hand gestures and their symbolism
- arm drills
- gorgeous stances taken from temple sculptures
- elegant gaits inspired by the movements found in the natural world
- a short original choreography 'The Adorned Body' representing the classical heroine dressing up for union.

FEE: £55 (5 sessions)