Odissi Summer School

8th-13th August 2019

The House of Bhumi

Salento (Italy)

We are really excited to present our second Odissi Summer School, following our first edition in 2016. This time the Summer School will take place in Salento (South Italy) in The House of Bhumi, a new residence for artists and scholars. The course is unique and highly innovative as it combines a holistic dance training with theoretical study of the history and culture of Odissi. It is a one-of-a kind of opportunity to acquire a thorough and multifaceted understanding of this dance form.

Odissi Summer School

Course Overview:

This residential course offers a small number of students the opportunity to spend a focused period of study acquiring both practical skills and theoretical understanding in Odissi. The course provides technical training, alongside a critical introduction to the history, culture and aesthetics of this dance form. Students will learn through studio-based practice, as well as seminars and lecture-demonstrations that cover relevant topics. By attending this course, dancers will develop strong technical foundations, as well as somatic awareness, creative thinking and understanding of Odissi history and culture.


Morning Class: Yoga, Body Conditioning, Technique Class

Afternoon Class: Dance Theory, Abhinaya, Cultural and Critical Knowledge

(A detailed schedule will be sent upon registration. Time for individual practice, rest and local tourism, including going to the beach, will be scheduled it!!)

COURSE Content


a. Aesthetics: principles in Odissi technique and understanding of the body in Indian performing arts

b. Nritta (abstract dance): technical steps and in-depth study of two rhythmic phrases.

c. Abhinaya (dramatic dance): hand gestures with creative storytelling and study of two character-based choreographies.

d. Music skills: tala-raga system, commonly used rhythmic cycles and basic sargam exercises.

e. Creativity and improvisation: use of some of the material learned in creative and improvisation tasks.


a. Body-care: anatomy, yoga, body-conditioning, nutrition, injury prevention and restorative massage.

b. Dance psychology: somatic awareness, imagery, cognitive behaviour and well-being.


a. History: colonialism in India and impact on local dance traditions; revival of Odissi and nationalism.

b. Culture: local performing and visual arts, religion and the body, gender representation in Odissi.


a. Revival: founding gurus and development of the classical technique and repertoire.

b. Present: current choreographic voices in India and abroad.

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Total: £517/€569 - Early Bird Offer: £465/€517

Tuition (30 hours): £310/€341

Accommodation** and Half Pension***: £207/€228

*Early Bird Discount Valid until 1st July 2019

**Accommodation: shared rooms (2-3 people), foldable mattress.

***Half Pension: Continental breakfast, Fresh and Nutritious Vegetarian Lunch, Local Savoury and Sweet Snack, Tea and Coffee.

(All fees include administration costs).

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Odissi Summer School 2019
Odissi Summer School 2019

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